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Who's teaching who? Continue your education as an instructor

25 July 2015
Who's teaching who? Continue your education as an instructor

Why do we dive new and different dive sites? Its simple, to explore.

To explore something that we haven't seen or experienced before. To explore a new reef and take photos of marine life you havent previously encounted. To explore a shipwreck, your not the first to dive the wreck, but you've never explored it before so to you its a new wreck.

And as new divers how did we achieve these things ? We went out and dived, subconciously practicing our skills until we felt ready to take the next step. From there, with the help of and experienced Instructor, we extended our knowledge and explored a new dive site. We're all explores and that shouldn't stop once you've become a Dive Instructor.

As an Open Water Instructor we teach people a skill for life, learning to dive, but why let it stop there. Your students will want to continue diving and they will always be excited by seeing new things, so why shouldn't you be the one to take them. You can get more involved in the areas of diving your passionate about. For example if you enjoy Underwater Photography, then you can become an Underwater Photography Instructor and pass your skills onto your students. Or if you are excited about wreck diving, why not teach the Wreck Diving Specialty Course and show your students the trill you get by diving a new wreck. Becoming a Specialty Instructor should be the logical next step.

There is also another great advantage to becoming a Specialty Instructor, your more employable. As an employer, an Instructor who can teach a range of specialties courses is more valuable than one who can only teach Open Water. This can help give you the upper hand when you've both applied for the same position.

With over 20 different specialty courses availabe and more than 140 dive sites in the Port Phillip Heads area, Victoria is the perfect place to begin your Specialty Instructor Course. The Specialty Instructor course is typically run over 3 days, so it's a small investment to keep you at the forefront of instructing and broaden your underwater horizons.

More information and course dates for Specialty Instructor programs can be found here

Let the explorer in you experience all this amazing underwater world has to offer.


Josh Clark

SSI XR Instructor #55363

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