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What's your limit?

31 July 2015
What's your limit?

Picture the scene….It’s the weekend, you have been working hard all week waiting for a weekend of diving where you can escape your office and leave everything behind and go and enjoy the underwater world. You’ve picked out your favourite dive sites and the weather is looking great with light winds and no swell.

You and your buddy descend and start travelling along the wall at 30m; there is heaps to see, the viz is fantastic and there are some really big overhangs teeming with marine life… and then. .. beep beep beep… it’s your computer warning you that you are almost at your no decompression limit and that you must start to ascend.

Devils001 1024x683

Checking your SPG you see that you have plenty of gas left to stay longer and continue to explore. Disappointed, frustrated and shattered you know you must signal your buddy and start to ascend. If only there was some way to stay longer, but that piece of technology on your wrist is telling you, no, there is a limitation to SCUBA Diving and you need to start your ascent.

Certainly there has to be a way to extend your range? It doesn’t take much, a bit of extra training teaching you how to plan a dive with some decompression; giving you that extra time. You can even do this training in your existing equipment. You can use your own BCD and your trusty regulator. You might even get away with it in those split fins that you love! You’ll also be extending on your skills from your deep course by using a stage tank.

You will learn the basics in gas management and dive planning. Discover the beauty of using a richer nitrox mix in shallow water to manage your decompression. Understand and practice the process of switching gases in the water to optimise your dive time, keeping you in the water longer and getting the most out of your dive. Now, how good does that sound?

182421-Extended Range Nitrox Diving 1024x651

All of this training comes from the SSI Extended Range Nitrox Course. It’s aimed at the divers who would like to extend their diving just that bit more and go beyond the recreational limits. It doesn’t require many extra skills and if you can easily hold a safety stop at 5 and 10 metres you’re almost there! The course doesn’t add any extra depth, you’re still limited to 40m but it does give you extra time. More time to spend underwater when you have been waiting all week to get there. The demand for this type of diving is growing around the world and with so many international dive destinations it’s a must if you want to get the most out of your diving overseas. It’s not deep, dark and scary and it’s certainly not dangerous, it’s simply a way of extending the range of your current diving, safely.

If you'd like more information on this topic see the SSI Extended Range Nitrox Course or email me directly


Josh Clark

Dive Victoria - General Manager

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