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Bay Cruises

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Bay Cruises

Our spacious vessels Seadragon and Rorqual allow you to move around on-board while touring the bay with all-round viewing.

With the capacity to seat up to 39 passengers, these vessels are ideal for catering to families, corporate groups, schools, educations tours, birthdays and more. Charters are available for varying lengths in time with catering available at extra charge. Bookings are available for individuals, groups and private bookings.

Sunset Cruises and Cruise Ship Viewings

Duration: 2hrs

Drive off into the sunset with these relaxing evening cruises. We follow a similar tour to the Bay Cruise, travelling around the southern part of Port Phillip Bay. As the sun sets into the water, Point Nepean and surrounds are bathed in Sunlight making for some beautiful photography. Cruise ships also enter the port of an evening throughout the year and you can see them up close with all their lights on as the transit Port Phillip Heads.

We also run exclusive and private tours for special ships such as the Queen Mary 2, Dawn Princess and when the Tall Ships visited Melbourne.

Bay Cruises

Duration: 2hrs

Take in the sights, sounds and sea breeze as you travel on an informative journey around Southern Port Phillip Bay. The bay is rich in unexplored history from the treacherous rip at Port Phillip Heads to the shipwrecks of the past and our Marine National Parks. You will cruise by the lighthouses at Shortlands Bluff looking at how the ships navigate these water and over to Point Nepean. Point Nepean has a long list of military history including the first shot Australia fired in WWI.  Visit the old Quarantine Station and Dolphin Sanctuary as you travel along through Nepean Bay with dolphins riding the boats gentle wake. The journey then takes you North up the South Channel to Chinaman’s Hat the Australian Fur Seal colony who love to have their photos taken while sunning themselves. As we near the end of the cruise we pull into Popes Eye Marine Park the see the Australasian Gannets colony before returning to port.

Mud Island Tours and Bird Watching

Tours Durations: 6hrs

Take part in an adventure to one of the most exclusive part of Port Phillip Bay. The Mud Islands are the largest exposed sand bank in Port Phillip Bay and are located about 6km NE of Portsea. They are forever changing shape due to storms, tides and sand movement and are home to a delicate and unique ecosystem.

The lower areas of these islands are covered with dense seagrass and mud flats, while the dunes are covered in shrub-land and salt marsh. It provides and nursery and breading area for a range of marine species including King George Whiting, oysters, muscles and scallops.

Mud Island It is also a birdlife photographers dream. The islands are a RAMSAR international wetland conservation area, with up to 70 species of birds. There provide important breading habitats for pelicans, spoonbills, cormorants, silver gulls and terns to name a few, while many long distance migratory species and a number of endangered species can also be found here.

While you have the day to explore the island your interests may lie in soaking up some sunshine on the beach or in the shallows, viewing the skyline of Melbourne and the Portsea, Sorrento cliffs, while watching the ships navigate the channels.

To “hop” from island to island you may need to wade through water up to knee deep, so dress suitably and wear shoes such as wetsuit boots or sandals that can get wet. Bring a day pack with drink bottle, lunch, hat, sunscreen and a weather proof jacket and remember your camera and binoculars.

South Channel Fort Tour

Duration: 2hrs

Visit the iconic South Channel Fort and step back in time as you explore the fort, gun turrets and underground tunnels. The Island was artificially built in the 19th century as part of the defences system around Southern Port Phillip Bay. The fort boasted antiquated gun emplacements strategically placed to defend the South Channel. These now empty turrets and surrounds are home to sheltering birdlife such as the white-faced stormy-petrel and little penguins. Inside was a working fort with accommodation for upto 100 men, along with a control centre to electronically explode mines under enemy ships entering the bay.

As a licensed tour operator we have a key to be able to guide you through the tunnels so bring a torch and some study walking shoes.

Ash Scattering

One of our professional services is to help you memorialise your loved ones with an ash scattering on Port Phillip Bay.  Many families have a lifetime connection to the sea and we have been approached by families and friends to provide this treasured service. Your private charter service can depart from Queenscliff, Portsea or Sorrento and are accessible for all ages. We provide the service for 1.5hrs and you can choose to be on board with up to 30 friends and family for $450. Longer services are available to reach other destinations and can be discussed with our staff. If there is anything else you would like, just ask so we can help you remember this precious experience.

Private Cruises and Special Tours

We run a variety of private and custom tours to cater to your individual needs. These include marine research, bird watching, snorkelling and sightseeing, and a combination of the above adventures. For a custom designed package please contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.