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Equipment Servicing

The Dive Victoria Group

Servicing of Equipment

Dive Victoria has an extensive service centre offering servicing for most reputable brands. Tank hydro testing facility is also available with quick turnarounds.

With over 25 years of experience in the Victorian Dive Industry, Dive Victoria has the knowledge and ability to service your life support equipment which incorporates all brands of Recreational and Technical Dive Equipment. Dive Victoria can also maintain plant equipment such as Air Compressors as well as the Hydrostatic Testing of your cylinder, with its own in-house testing station.

Servicing Price List

Equipment ServicingRRP
Hydrostatic Test  $40.00
Cylinder Rumble and Internal clean  $40.00
Visual Eddie Current Test (alloy Cylinders)  $25.00
Cylinder repaints  $159.00
Twin strip and setup cost  $40.00
Regulators - Labour only  
Full Regulator Set  $95.00
1st stage only  $45.00
Second stage Primary  $38.00
Second Stage Occy  $38.00
Oxygen cleaning  
Valve Oxygen Clean – Standard  $30.00
Valve Oxygen Clean - Manifold  $70.00
Cylinder Oxygen Clean  $35.00
Nitrox Sticker  $15.00
Regulators Oxygen cleaned (per stage)   $48.00
Valve Service - standard  $27.00
Valve Service - Manifolded  $69.00
Full Function  $40.00
Power inflator  $30.00
Dump Valves  $20.00
Battery Change - In House (Model and battery dependant) $40
Battery Change - Sent to Suunto (All Suunto D-Series) $120

Other items or poorly maintained equipment for service charged at $80/hr, in 15 minute increments.