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Cold Water Orientation

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Cold Water Orientation


Cold Water Orientation

You may have received your Open water certification in Bali, Thailand, Vanuatu or any other tropical, warm water destination, and now you want to check out what’s in your own backyard and dive in Victoria.

It is a requirement that any diver that has not dived in cold water (15-18ºC or less) or similar diving conditions that they are likely to experience on the day, to complete a cold water orientation. Not only is the water a factor but equipment familiarity also needs to be considered: closed to open heel fins, thicker wetsuits, more lead on your weight belt are discussion and awareness topics that you and your dive professional will discuss.

One of our professionally trained staff will accompany you on your first dive in temperate waters to ensure comfort, safety and enjoyment in the water. This will be on one of our scheduled boat dives. Cost is $70pp on top of regular booking price.  This will be part of a group, with a shared guide and minimum of 2 people. A private CWO is available at $99pp.

Topics to Cover on Course - Discussion of students previous diving experience, Review of hand signals, Briefing on Victorian diving conditions; Dive Planning and procedures; Discussion of diving skills; different equipment, i.e. thicker wetsuit, heavier weight, use of a shot line and live dive boats.

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