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Dive Control Specialist Instructor

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Dive Control Specialist Instructor

Make the jump from training divers to future Instructors.

In doing so, you become a key player in the diving industry and meet one of the requirements for becoming an SSI Instructor Trainer. Apart from that having the ability, to teach Dive Cons is rewarding fun and profitable. From here the sky’s the limit.

Collect more experience in training instructors by assisting active Instructor Trainers in Instructor Training Courses. The more experience you have, the higher your chance of being accepted to attend an Instructor Trainer Seminar. 

After attending a seminar you can become certified. You can now train Dive Control Specialists and assist in Instructor Training Courses (ITC). After you complete the Upgrade and Crossover training conducted by the SSI Service Center a Dive Control Specialist Instructor can also conduct Instructor Crossovers.

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