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Dive Control Specialist

Devoted Dive Professionals motivated to share their love of recreational diving will find the SSI Dive Control Specialist program very fitting and flexible. It allows you to teach in both the classroom and pool under indirect supervision of an instructor, giving you the basis and necessary experience to become an SSI Open Water Instructor.

In 1978, SSI introduced the original Dive Control Specialists (DCS) course with an ambitious goal: to combine assistant instructor and divemaster training. At that time, those were the two main courses offered, and SSI felt that both were important to the development of a good dive leader and instructor candidate.

The candidates will be taking a unique program that has stood the test of time, and you are accepting a challenge that many capable divers before you have accomplished. The difference today is a new approach with embedded business training to be a Dive Professional supported with improved materials.

The revised Dive Con Manual in association with the Science of Diving- and Dive Guide materials follow a completely new approach. The intent was to create programs in terms of design and flexibility which never have been available before. By implementing a multi-level system incoperating academics and a lot of practical application today´s DiveCons are just better qualified. Therefore the Dive Control Specialists (DCS) is able to teach and lecture pool classes without direct supervision. By assisting an active SSI Instructor with open water training the DiveCon can collect valuable training experience which is the best possible preparation for an Instructor Training Course (ITC).

Certified and active Dive Control Specialists (DCS) are even allowed to upgrade to Training Specialists (TS). This rating allows them to conduct limited Specialty Course training for the following programs and issue certification independently:

  • Boat Diving
  • Equipment Techniques
  • Digital Underwater Photography / Underwater Videography
  • Shark Diver / Fish ID
  • CPR / First Aid
  • O2 Provider / Advanced O2
  • AED

With additional training an Dive Control Specialists (DCS) can also become a SCUBA RANGERS Instructor (SRGI).

Dive Cons need to meet the following criteria:

  • Logged no less then 75 open water dives totalling 50 hours or more.
  • Maintain proof of current training in First Aid/CPR not older than 2 years.
  • Display leadership behaviors as well as passing all requirements listed in the program curriculum.
  • Pass a watermanship and skill evaluation.
  • Assist with a variety of courses including Open Water, Stress and Rescue and Deep.

Minimum requirements are AOW, Stress & Rescue and 60 dives.

Course cost is $1495 if you are at Dive Master Level or $2495 if you also need to complete Dive Guide and Dive Master. Plus SSI registration Course timeframe includes a 8 days of theory and practical application along with gaining real experience working in the dive industry.

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