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Dive Guide

The start of your professional adventure

The Dive Guide program is the starting point for your Dive Professional Career Path. SSI Dive Guides can lead and guide certified divers.

The SSI Dive Guide mission is to inspire and influence others to grow in their diving experiences and increase your own knowledge, skills and experience by thinking, planning and leading dives.

Dive Victoria’s Dive Guide program incorporates academic topics and practical applications making you a well-prepared, versatile and employable dive professional worldwide.

The course includes all boat dives for free so that you can come down and gain real experience assisting with courses that we are running and buddying up with customers on the boats who would benefit from having a more experienced diver with them on dives.

After completion of the course, employment opportunities are available ranging from casual to full time work. We prefer to employ people that we have personally trained as we know they have had experience teaching in our temperate water environment.

As a certified SSI Dive Guide (DG) you can:142797-DSC 4110 1024x680

  • Work on Dive Boats, in Dive Centers and Dive Resorts.
  • Take up to 6 certified divers diving
  • Lead trips and tours for certified divers

The goal of SSI is to prepare you for successful career in the diving industry with a few simple steps. The program approach is modular in design to fit most anyone’s desire. With this program you have two choices, remain a Dive Guide and make a career out of being a professional Dive Guide, or upgrade your status to a Divemaster (DM) by taking the Science of Diving Specialty.

To begin you should have completed the Advanced Adventurer Program or higher, logged no less than 40 dives, have logged a minimum of 5 logged dives in the following Specialty Courses; Navigation, Night/Limited Visibility, Deep, Search & Recovery, and be a certified Stress & rescue Diver. If you don't already have these, speak to our staff who can tailor a program to suit your requirements.

Course Outline

Over the scheduled 4 days we will cover a large portion of the requirements for the Dive Guide Program this includes:

Theory Components

Section 1- The Dive Guide146517- MG 9674
Section 2- Becoming a Dive Guide
Section 3- Dive Guide Stress & Rescue
Section 4- Group Management
Section 5- Leading Dives & Special Dives
Section 6- Your Career with SSI

Practical components

Pool Skils Evaluation
Watermanship Evaluation
Rescue Skills Evaluation
Open Water Observation
Night & Limited Visibility Diving Program Observation
Deep Diving Program Observation
Open Water Presentation

This program does not just finish after these 4 days. The journey into being a Dive Professional who is comfortable, knowledgeable and confident doesn’t just happen once completing a course. It takes time and effort assisting Instructors and Mentors on relevant SSI Diving programs, gaining experience diving.

Following the initial 4 days we offer our Dive Guide candidates Free boat diving to ensure they develop into a well-rounded Dive Professional.

Upcoming Course Dates:103119--8995 1024x680

  • Tuesday 17th November - Friday 20th 2015
  • Saturday 5th, 6th and Saturday 12th and 13th December 2015
  • Monday 11th January - Thursday 14th  2016
  • Monday 1st February - Thursday 4th 2016
  • Saturday 27th, 28th February and Saturday 5th and 6th March 2016
  • Saturday 7th, 8th May and 14th 15th May 2016

Course Cost $995 plus SSI registration.

For course bookings or information involved in becoming a Dive Professional please contact our staff.

We also have Summer Dive Master Interships available for those who want to a unique Dive Master experience

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