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Snorkelling / Freediving

Snorkelling / Freediving

Snorkelling / Freediving

Learn to Snorkel / Freedive


Snorkeling is a great way to begin your underwater adventures. It's your chance to start exploring a new and fascinating world. Suitable for all ages, snorkeling provides both action and relaxation - whatever you are looking for. Snorkeling is an exciting activity that anyone, young or old, can enjoy with a minimum of equipment and little training. Snorkeling is a great year-round activity.

For those who want to know more, you can purchase the Snorkel Diver Kit. This kit provides background information, practical application and hints for an enjoyable snorkeling holiday. If you are interested in equipment counselling, feel free to call into any of our stores and we will be happy to assist you.

We run Snorkel Diver courses over one long day or 2 short days including theory, a pool session and 2 snorkel dives one of which will be at the world famous Popes Eye Marine Park.

Snorkel Diver Courses start from $190pp.


Have you ever dreamed of swimming like a dolphin or wondered what it feels like to glide through the ocean just holding your breath?

Then, you owe to yourself to find out more about the Dive Victoria’s Freediving Program, where you will learn to free dive at your own pace!

Freediving gives you total freedom underwater to move like a fish in a completely natural way. You will be able to enjoy nature in its purest way and you will discover a complete new feeling in total silence without breathing noise or heavy equipment.

Choose your level of Freediving

Freediving Level 1

The introduction to the purest form of diving:

Learn proper breathing techniques, familiarize yourself with diaphragm breathing and take a deep breath like you never have before. In the SSI level 1 Freediving course you acquire the proper skills and knowledge to participate in Freediving to depths of 20 meters in the most relaxed and safest manner possible.

You will develop the skills necessary to train your body to be more efficient with breath-holding, gain better respiration and muscle flexibility and learn new skills to take your Freediving to the next level.

Course Cost & Duration is $495.00, one night and two days.

Freediving Level 2

Level 2 Freediving will equip you with further knowledge of the mammalian diving reflex and how to initiate the best response for Freediving. You will learn new advanced equalization techniques and apnea training methods to carry you past 20 meters and develop the skills necessary to free dive to depths up to 30 meters.

Course Cost & Duration: details upon request.

Freediving Level 3

The apex of the SSI Freediving Program, Level 3, will take you to depths of 40 meters. Freediving well below the residual volume of the lungs, this is the specialist deep diving course and will equip you with the proper knowledge to take you into the deep blue and beyond.

Course Cost & Duration: details upon request.

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