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CDAA Advanced Cave Diver

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CDAA Advanced Cave Diver


CDAA Advanced Cave Diver

Defined as an enclosed body of water containing silt, darkness zones, and passages that at times are not large enough for two divers to buddy alongside. Advanced Cave sites are of unlimited penetration distance.


Before commencement of a CDAA Advanced Cave Diver training program the candidate must:

  1. Be 18 years of age.
  2. Hold a CDAA Cave Diver award.
  3. Have logged a minimum of 25 cave dives (outside of course dives) totaling a minimum of 18 hours with no more than 3 dives to be logged per day.
  4. Hold a current diving medical.
  5. Have experience in at least 5 different dive sites preferably in two different areas eg Nullarbor, NSW, Mt Gambier, overseas

Skill Sessions

To include equipment critique, S drills, jump reel use, lost line search, black out drill, gear removal / restriction exercise, mask and regulator change over, valve shutdowns, entanglement removal / line cutting, stress management exercise, air sharing through restrictions, stage tank use/remove/replace.

Supervised Dives

Six dives in CDAA rated Cavern, Cave and Advanced Cave sites.

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